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The Coaches

Coach Doll Disini - Head Coach

  • Competitive Team
  • Credentials


Coach Arnel Aba - Assistant Head

  • Coach Competitive Team
  • Credentials


Coach Melmar Sombria - Coach

  • Competitive Team
  • Credentials


Coach Rainier “Korn” Cabansag - Coach

  • Learn To Swim
  • Credentials


Coach Honey - Coach

  • Learn To Swim
  • Credentials

Style of Teaching

We like to create a fun, safe and relaxed environment for our students. We do our best to build rapport with our students, by playing fun games with them and earning their trust, so that teaching swimming will be smoother and faster. We always teach at the pace of the student.

When learning in groups, some students learn faster than others. When we find a students progress is faster than the group, we move that student to a more advanced group so that his/her learning is not stifled by the pace of the group. 

The Management

The Proprietor

Akiko Thomson-Guevara is a seasoned Olympic swimmer who is now a commissioner for the Philippine Sports Commission

  • 3 Olympiad (South Korea, Atlanta, Barcelona)
  • Multiple SEA Games Gold Medalist
  • Philippine Record Holder for 100m and 200m Backstroke
  • Commissioner – Philippine Sports Commission
  • TV Host for Game Plan and Probe

Marketing  and Administration Director


  • Samuel “Chips” Guevara is Akiko's husband and manages the swim school with her. He has an MBA from Manchester Business School and a BS Mechanical Engineering degree from Xavier University. He has worked for Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy and for Unilever Philippines Inc.

Training Director

Carol Karthe

  • Has been a swim coach for XX years. She is AustSwim Certified for Infant Swimming, Certified for Total Immersion
  • Ran a successful swim school in Singapore (Name)
  • She continuously updates her skills and learns new techniques abroad which she passes on to our coaches

Safety Standards

Water Safety is our highest priority. We hire the best lifeguards we can find, and continuously provide training for our coaches to increase water safety awareness. Our lifeguard and two of our coaches are Bronze Medallion certified with the Philippine Life Saving (same certification as the Royal Life Saving program of Australia)

We meet regularly to maintain safety awareness at all times. Our coaches are trained always have their eyes on their students at all times.

Quality Standards

We work hard to make sure that all our coaches  provide the same quality of teaching and teach the same things. We have developed a standard syllabus which all our coaches follow. This syllabus is constantly reviewed, improved, and cascaded to all coaches.

We maintain specific a student to coach ratio to ensure that each student gets ample attention to provide for quick progress .

Each new trainee, whether experienced or not, under goes a 6 month training program to learn our teaching techniques before they are able to handle students on their own.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop swimming as a life-skill and sport in people of all ages. We aim to provide the best quality swim instruction in a learning environment that is safe and fun. We hope to produce high-level swimmers who are competitive in the national and the international arena.